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Stop Cramps Fast and Keep them from Coming Back with Cramp Defense® Magnesium Supplement.

The #1 cause of muscle cramps throughout the entire body (including leg cramps) is magnesium deficiency. 

Fix your magnesium deficiency quickly and permanently with premium high-absorbing magnesium -- without the side effects.  

Why Cramp Defense®?

Every person needs a daily supply of magnesium for optimal health, but most people don't get enough from their diet. Cheap drug-store magnesium supplements don't absorb well, have unpleasant side effects, and come bulked with unnecessary fillers and binders. Cramp Defense® is different. Containing our proprietary magnesium blend Truemag® , it is designed to be pure, safe, non-laxative and high-absorbing. And it always comes with Free Shipping and a 120 day 100% Guarantee.


How it Works

Truemag® is a fully reacted magnesium bound to malate, which is the form of magnesium used by nature in fruit and vegetables. This makes it high-absorbing and non-laxative, able to replenish your magnesium levels quickly, and stop cramps and spasms caused by low magnesium levels.

*The evidence on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. Magnesium is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use Cramp Defense® only in consultation with your doctor.

Instructions & Safety

Cramp Defense® is designed to prevent leg cramps, muscle cramps, and muscle spasms caused by magnesium deficiency. This means (for best results) you should take it every day, to maintain high magnesium levels. However, you should take as few capsules as necessary to see results. We recommend you take it with food, to maximize absorption. If you take multiple capsules per day, it is best to split the doses between morning and night. Most people take between 1-6 capsules per day depending on their personal needs. Cramp Defense® is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, with GMP certifications from the NPA and UL. All ingredients are manufactured in the USA, none overseas.

How Good is Cramp Defense®?

Our product works for most people, but not everyone. If it doesn't work for you, return it for a 100% money back refund, within 120 days of purchase -- even if you have used the entire bottle! We have over 100,000 satisfied customers all over the world -- read our outstanding reviews below and on Amazon.

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Featured Reviews

I hope this product continues to perform as experienced so far. I’ll let you know, but for now, I am thrilled. Cramp Defense has very simply, exceeded my expectations! After experiencing 20 plus years of suffering and pain, this is simply amazing.

William Zaspel, Crab Orchard, KY.

If I take two, I usually will not have ANY cramps during the night! I would not be without them in my medicine cabinet.

Kari Olson, New Libson, WI.

I am going to give my doctor your website address and let him know what an easy "fix" this is for a serious complaint. I don't think our physicians know much about this so I am going to let mine know of my success.

Julianne Hay, Manitoba, Canada.

As soon as I started taking it the situation improved. I only take one a day and that seems to do the trick for me so a bottle lasts a long time.

Carol Marsh, La Palma, CA.

Half way through the bottle, my husband was mentioning he has not had a single leg cramp.

Beate Brueland, Salome, AZ.

I began taking your product one week ago. I had almost immediate results and last night was my FIRST night where I was not awakened by miserable cramps in the last 20 years….so thank you so much.

Sheila Nietfeld; Sun City, AZ.

*These reviews are the opinions of the reviewers, individual results may vary.