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Vitamin K2

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Vitamin K2 Protects Bone and Arteries, Decreases Cramps

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Do You Have Low Vitamin K Symptoms?

Vitamin K is an oil-soluble vitamin that has a wide range of functions in the body. It is required for the synthesis of proteins involved in blood clotting and bone development. Likewise, it plays a crucial role in maintaining heart health. (1)

Vitamin K deficiency affects 6-31% of healthy adults. (1) The two most common causes of the deficiency include impaired digestion and the use of certain medications that affect vitamin K metabolism.

Vitamin K deficiency can cause abnormal bleeding, easy bruising, brittle bones, and hardening of blood vessels.

Oral vitamin K supplements are used to treat deficiency.


Fix Your Vitamin K Deficiency with Menaquinone-7, the Most Effective Form of Vitamin K2

There are two different forms of vitamin K.

They are phylloquinone - vitamin K1 and several compounds collectively known as menaquinones - vitamin K2. (2) Vitamin K1 is found in plants while vitamin K2 is found in animal-based foods.

Among all forms of vitamin K2, menaquinone-7 is most efficiently absorbed. Besides, menaquinone-7 has greater bioavailability compared to other menaquinones. (3)

When it comes to improving the symptoms of deficiency, there are key differences between vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.

Estimates suggest that only less than 10% of vitamin K1 is absorbed. (4) On the other hand, menaquinone-7 is rapidly absorbed and reaches peak serum levels 6 hours after administration. (5)

Menaquinone-7 stays in the bloodstream for a longer duration compared to vitamin K1. Thus, tissues in the body can absorb more menaquinone. Taking a menaquinone-7 supplement helps maintain vitamin K levels up to several days after administration. (3)

To meet the National Academy of Science Food and Nutrition Board recommended intake, an adult men must take at least 120 mcg/day. The recommended dose in women is 90 mcg/day.

For maintaining normal vitamin K status, start with one capsule per day.

If you are having the symptoms of low vitamin K levels, you can take 2 capsules per day.

Most notably, the amount in 2 capsules, 200mcg, is enough to prevent bone loss and hardening of blood vessels. (6,7) However, you will have to take it for more than one year, which is usually safe.

For best results, take it with food. Food high in fat can help its absorption.



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