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Glucosamine Sulfate

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Glucosamine Sulfate
Glucosamine Sulfate Glucosamine Sulfate


 Do You Have Painful and Swollen Joints?

Painful joint conditions affect 54.4 million US adults. (1)

Pain along with joint stiffness and swelling severely limits mobility and compromises the quality of life. Most notably, these symptoms last years and tend to become worse with aging.

With excruciating pain in your joints, doing day-to-day tasks and moving become an uphill challenge. Even worse, some people may become unable to move.

The most common cause of joint pain is the gradual loss of a connective tissue known as cartilage. Cartilage is found in the joints and cushions the bones.

Aging is associated with cartilage damage or loss. (2) As we age, the cells in the cartilage lose their ability to repair damaged cartilage. Moreover, increased cell death and oxidative stress further promote the loss of cartilage.

There is no cure for chronic joint conditions. However, certain medications can slow down disease progression and reduce the severity of symptoms.

For example, (anti-inflammatory) pain medications help reduce pain and inflammation. Nevertheless, their long-term use is questionable.

In severe cases, surgery may be needed to repair or replace damaged joints.


Fix Joint Pain and Swelling with Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It plays a crucial role in the growth and repair of joint cartilage.

A daily dose of 1500 mg glucosamine sulfate reduces pain, improves mobility, and reduces the risk of surgery. (3,4)

Studies reveal that glucosamine works by stimulating the production of macromolecules in cartilage and blocking the effects of inflammatory substances. (5)

Most importantly, you can take 1500 mg every day for more than a year. Glucosamine sulfate is better tolerated than many pain medications.


Glucosamine for Skin Health: A New Antiwrinkle Agent

Undoubtedly, glucosamine is a potent joint health supplement. However, only a few of us might realize that it is also a powerful antiwrinkle agent.

Glucosamine is essential for the production of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a component of skin connective tissues that help maintain skin elasticity and hydration.

With aging, the production of these connective tissues decreases, which leads to dry and wrinkled skin.

Taking a daily dose of 250 mg glucosamine sulfate for just eight weeks can significantly improve skin appearance and elasticity. (6


Dosage Information


  • For joint problems, take 3 capsules daily.
  • For skin health, take 1 capsule daily.